1. How do I know Carbon Savers is a reputable company?
At Carbon Savers, you can guarantee that all of our installations are completed by A-Grade electricians and/or master plumbers. As a 100% Australian owned and operated business, we keep all your warrantees in-house to give you peace of mind. Not convinced? Check out our 1,100+ 5-star Google reviews.
2. Is Carbon Savers accredited under all government schemes?
Carbon Savers has access to all applicable federal and state government energy schemes, meaning we can pass on all available rebates to you. This includes Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC’s), NSW Energy Saving Scheme (ESS), Victorian Energy Upgrades Program (VEU) and Solar Victoria. The easiest way to find out exactly how much rebate you’ll qualify for, is to chat to one of our energy experts.
3. How do I know if I qualify for the rebates?
Qualifying for rebates can depend on a number of factors including location, the age of your property, the make and model of your current system, and your household's taxable annual income. Our team can identify which rebates you’ll qualify for in just a couple of minutes and in many cases, we can apply for the rebates on your behalf. Book a call with our expert team today.
4. Are these schemes funded by the taxpayer?
No. Each of the products we install generates renewable energy certificates, used for carbon offsetting. Accredited providers can then sell these certificates to energy retailers who use the certificates to meet annual emissions targets set by the Government. The incentive or discount for households and businesses varies depending on the market activity and certificate price.
5. Are the products free?
Many of the products Carbon Savers installs are completely covered by Government rebates and incentives, meaning there’s no cost to customers. Other products, such as solar, batteries, heat pumps, and split systems have rebates that can contribute up to 50% of the system's cost. Any amount outstanding after the applicable rebates can then be put onto our bill matching program, which is a system where the savings generated by your renewable energy products can then be used to pay off the system over time. In many cases, the monthly repayments are less than the amount customers were paying on their energy bills - meaning you may even be cash flow positive from day one!
6. How does the bill matching program work?
Bill matching is an interest-free repayment scheme where the savings generated by our products are then used to pay for the system. This means you have no upfront cost, and in many cases, the monthly repayments are less than the amount customers were paying on their energy bills – meaning you may even be cash flow positive from day one!
7. What does my warranty cover?
Products installed by Carbon Savers are covered by two warranties:

1. Labour/Workmanship warranty
covers the labour costs/call-out fees associated with replacing any components under warranty.

2. Product warranty relates to the products installed, such as the physical components and accessories.
8. How much can I save by installing your products?
Weather Sealing>

Installing a free product such as our fan seals, in conjunction with insulating doors and windows, can reduce air-conditioning costs by up to 50%.

Hot Water Heat Pumps

Switching your hot water unit to an energy-efficient heat pump could give you savings of $500-$1000 per year, based on your existing hot water unit and your home's water consumption.


When installing solar panels and a battery, Carbon Savers will work with you to try and reduce the bills to zero, and in most cases we can achieve a reduction of 80% or more.

Factors that will affect your savings are:

The size and output of your solar system – size is determined by the available roof space, and output is affected by location and shading.

Your Feed-In Tariff. This is the amount your electricity retailer pays you for any excess power you generate

Your usage pattern. Solar panels can only produce energy while the sun is shining and so households that can use more power during the day may attract greater savings. However, you will still receive a Feed-In Tariff that can help to offset any night time usage.

Whether you install a battery - using a battery to store unused energy from the day to then use it at night is a great way to increase your savings and reduce your reliance on the grid.

Energy Health Check

An Energy Health Check gives you the peace of mind you’re getting a fair deal on your gas and electricity plans. Doing a price comparison is completely free and users can typically save hundreds of dollars on their energy costs. However, the exact amount you can save by switching your energy plan can vary depending on your specific circumstances, such as your current plan, usage, and location.